Keep your brain
active !

Train your brain

Repetitions may help stretch your memory and may keep brain waves activated. Patience yet confidence will help you complete given assessments, even these with a time limit.

Discover your capabilities

Playing Kiooku puzzles teaches you to quickly spot a difference in gradients and recognise patterns. You may improve on decision making skills.
Clean, sharp mind is cultivated.

Award your effort

As you excel in each stage of our games, you will receive an award. After meeting the objectives, appropriate honours in the form of a medal will appear on your accomplishments bar.

Reach out to elderly communities
& help them improve
memory significantly


A few things we stand for

Solving geometrical puzzles might improve concentration, strengthen attention to detail, unravel calmness of the mind and procrastinate shortening of a brain memory span.
Our main goal is to help excel in all these areas.

Support young minds

Some minds are incredible. Only few people see surrounding world differently and create (if given opportunity) amazing art. We are most welcome these individuals to join our team of creators.

Balanced lifestyle

After every hour of playing our games, the app will notify you of the time. To maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle it is good to take a break and let the mind and eyes rest for a bit.

Improving concentration,
learning to calm the mind
in teenage years –
gives benefits later on 


Boards design

According to the scientific research about stimuli impacting our brain, exposure to specific colours play a significant role in concentration and has a positive effect on memory span. 

Join puzzle lovers community !

KIOOKU variety 

Our boards are designed in a way to help people, regardless of their age,
improve brain activity across the spectrum.


KIOOKU introduces symmetry in puzzles and fuses it with a vast selection of colours. That is why, you are keeping the brain active while having fun.



KIOOKU MANDALA gives players, who are already familiar with our original puzzles, a bit of perspective. These 100 pieces boards keep your focus in top shape. 



An international team of talented youngsters is creating this uniqe KIOOKU VISION. Check out these mind bending patterns.


Get in touch

If you’d like to help us in KIOOKU games and apps development – and we believe
there’s still a lot to be done here – let us know. Write to us.
Any contribution, engagement, opinion or even criticism will only make these products better!